Wednesday, 17 June 2009

I don't want a lover, I just want to be seen

He could still remember the day he'd scrawled on a hazy, sepia-scorched polaroid of the two of them together on the West Coast in 1975: 'Jane, thanks for the note and keep on the lookout for me'.

This sublime photo comes courtesy of John Harding at Half Moon Bay Memories

Of course, he knew Jane from years ago, but he didn’t admit as much to his wife. When Heather asked him if he’d seen the woman in the cream dress, and whether or not he had thought she looked pretty, he only shrugged, nodded, and clenched his lips around the last of his cocktail. Meanwhile, Jane's Scandinavian-inflected accent was tickling his ears from the next room, from thirty year's distance up the hall.


  1. do you find these pictures or are they yours? it seems like you seek out random pictures that allure you somehow, and then you embellish those impressions and augment whatever effect it has on you. either way, i enjoy this place very much. it all reminds of an old friend whose company i miss dearly.

  2. Some I find, but wherever I can, I try to properly reference the source. Other pictures are just mine, taken on various cameras.

    I'm certainly glad you enjoy their randomness, as it's nice to know they aren't just floating in space...

    Drop by anytime, W.