Thursday, 14 May 2009

Bergman Inspiration

Personally, I sense in Bergman a kindred spirit of the highest order. One who lights the road ahead. As if my feelings, my interests were not only reflected back to me in an exotic, more complex, more cohesive form--but projected outward too:

''[Here was] the codification of a rule I have always followed and was to follow from then on: irrespective of everything, you will hold your communion. It is important to the churchgoer, but even more important to you. We shall see if it is important to God. If there is no other god than your hope as such, it is important to that god too."


  1. David, add me to the kindred spirit list. My semi-sheltered world in Oklahoma was forever transformed when I saw Seventh Seal, my first Bergman film. Thank goodness I met Nor Meyer III, an 'older' professional art student at A&M, who introduced me to foreign films as an under 20.

    Providence at work, the hidden hand of luck supreme, twas Nor's encounter and friendship we developed, found in rather ordinary circumstances, working together at the turfgrass reseach center!

  2. Thanks Russell. I'm a firm believer in the music of chance.