Thursday, 3 June 2010

Waking Up with Art

Maybe fate is never one thing, but a composite of possibilities...

I really don't know the story behind the two different covers for Garkunkel's not-so-great album from 1979. He may have produced a lot of fluff in the Seventies but this album and Breakaway, I think, are both underappreciated gems in terms of their cover art alone (the latter album especially). Here, the dish of jam disappears. A butter plate arrives. It's like those games from Highlights magazine in which you were asked to count the subtle differences between two scenes.

Something sexy going on here too, as if the record buyer has just woken up with Art in some dreamy New York apartment.

This is slightly unrelated, but I also find it amusing that Mr Garfunkel has a list on his official website of every book he's read since 1968. It's arranged in chronological order, so for instance we can see what Art was reading during his star turn in Mike Nichols's Carnal Knowledge (it was Sense and Sensibility).

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