Monday, 26 July 2010

Secret Waves

Waves beneath tables. Waves from the apartment windows across the street. Waves from the passing of trains. Waves from windy mountaintops. Waves from behind telescopes or cameras. Waves from planes as they leave the runway. Waves from inside the dark of the cinema when the film's already begun and you're looking to find a seat. Waves from riverboats. Waves you can see in the eyes alone. Waves made with the slightest of gestures, the faintest spreading of fingers, as from the sides of mugs being sipped. Waves from those tiny spaces in between library book shelves. Waves from the highest balconies. Waves from one telephone caller to another, right when they spot eachother, and distantly put voice to face. Waves from playground swingsets. Waves from the child who's about to perform a cartwheel and wants to be seen. And, finally, waves from those dearest friends you've never met...

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