Friday, 4 March 2011

Play Riding

I'm writing a play, it seems, somewhat accidentally, but not without heart. That is to say, my heart is in it, in the groove of writing, and I hope to see it done before a deadline two weeks away. It will be playing in Oxford in early July at a theatre named after Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The working title is 'The Upstairs Room'.

There are bits of film involved, projections at the back of the stage, and my hope is that they can look somewhat like this above shot from an old Swedish film nobody knows, called Nattlek. Also, maybe, Chris Marker's La Jetee.

I am hopeful and afraid and this is a good thing.

I'm standing here wanting to play someone some night music. In a far off room, with candle light and flowers and a window for sneaking cigarettes, perhaps even sneaking out. Little talking, mainly music.

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